Welcome to Rhyl e-cool

Important announcement!

As of April 6th 2019, all language school activities have been taken out of Rhyl e-cool Ltd. The assets have been sold to Diana, who will continue teaching English on a self-employed basis. She will continue to arrange for activities and accommodation for small groups and existing bookings have been transferred to her.

This website along with permission to continue the use of the name 'Rhyl e-cool Language School' has been handed over to Diana. The website will continue to be managed by Geoff.

Rhyl e-cool Ltd will continue to exist as we debate the future existence/direction of the company. The website will be undergoing adjustments to reflect the changes pending further decisions yet to be made.

More than just an English Language School, we provide learning support to assist your progress. This means we look beyond the English lessons to the whole person and offer opportunities to experience coaching and/or activities which build confidence and enhance your approach to learning and life.

We offer English and Welsh language tuition including:

  • ESOL courses
  • Learning & life coaching
  • Full immersion English language courses
  • Exposure to English/Welsh history and culture
  • Sightseeing and outdoor adventure activities

These help to build confidence and maintain a positive learning experience.

Please note: Diana is a home based English language tutor primarily focused on small groups and 1:1 learning.

Vacation courses are full immersion courses for which interaction with host families provides part of the 'English in use' element of our courses. We prioritise acting as hosts ourselves, which enables us to provide deeper support to students who also benefit from extra activities based on our extensive local knowledge and resources.