English Lessons

Regardless of the type of course you are studying, all classes at Rhyl e-cool aim to be COMMUNICATIVE and PERSONALISED.

In our classes:

  • Students have plenty of opportunities to use English to communicate
  • As well as grammar and vocabulary, lessons include opportunities to improve your language skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  • Pronunciation plays an important part in Rhyl e-cool courses and classes include specific instruction on pronunciation.
  • Rhyl e-cool teachers plan lessons according to the needs and interests of students and bear these needs in mind when planning activities.

Life in the UK

At Rhyl e-cool, we believe that part of learning English in the UK is also learning about life in the UK. Integrated into our classes are themes and topics related to life in the UK. This might include aspects of culture, history or even types of food. Many of our activities and excursions link with the lessons to further enrich your experience.

Please do let us know if there are any aspects of Life in the UK that you would particularly like to know more about. You can do this by talking directly with your teacher, using the comment box, or one of our feedback forms.

Learner Training

We want our students to make the most of their time with Rhyl e-cool and to make the best possible improvement in their English. We therefore include Learner Training where appropriate. This is to help ensure our students have the skills to study effectively. 
Example of Learner Training may include:

  • Finding out about English-English dictionaries
  • Looking at different ways to plan for writing
  • Self correcting writing
  • Identifying what kind of a learner you are.


You may be given work to do outside of the class. Please do your best to complete this work. The purpose is to give you time to absorb what you have learnt in class. Remember to ask if you need any help with this additional work.
If you would like more self study activities / work, please ask your teacher. He or she will be happy to give you extra study activities.


At the start of your course you will have a short assessment. You will then be assigned material appropriate to your learning needs. Course material may change during a course as you progress.

You will have an opportunity to talk with the Academic Manager (who is our Primary tutor)  about your progress throughout the course and you may be given other tests and quizzes to check your progress.

For longer courses, there may be an end of course assessment to document your progress.