Family Vacation Course

This set of family holiday orientated Summer Vacation Courses run for any two or more week periods. They are tailored to suit the desires of your family and are very flexible.

We like to combine English language learning with activities and excursions and offer 9, 12 or 15 hrs English Language instruction for one or more family members as part of the vacation experience. These lessons are tailored to individual needs and learning levels.

Lessons are usually held in the mornings with those not attending lessons having free time. The weather can dictate changes to our planned schedules.

Some families prefer to explore specific places or have their own set of activities and plans. These can be catered for with advanced notice.

These are tailored courses so please contact us using the form below. Please provide as much detail as possible so we can provide a price based on your actual requirements.

 Please contact us using the form below.


Please Note: The form below is for initial contact only. It is not encrypted, so we cannot guarantee the security of any information you supply on this form. If security is an issue, please put a first name or organisation name and use a temporary email account for this form. We can change to more secure communication once this initial contact is made.