Host Families


Staying with a host family is a great way to meet new people, make friends and find out about life in Britain.

What you can expect:

Host families, including ourselves, have agreed to accept you as part of their family. This is important. You are a family member, not a hotel guest. This means that you should eat with the family at meal times and take part in normal family life. You should also help with small jobs in the house, just like you do at home. If you want some time to yourself – that is OK. Just tell the family that you want to go to your room for some quiet time.

People become host families because they want to get to know more about you and your country. Be open with people and share your experiences and you will have a great time with your host family!


Host families will give you the same food that they normally eat. If you really don’t like some kind of food, or you are vegetarian, for example, you should tell your host family. The food will be different from what you eat at home, but that is part of finding out about a different country. Try it! You might find a new food you like.

Adults (18 or over) & Families

Some of our host families including ourselves, do welcome adults and families, but we can also put you in contact with local Bed & Breakfast or Hotel accommodation.