Vision Statement


Rhyl e-cool is a continuation of a vision from Lingualink Ltd & Rhyl e-cool Ltd but adapted according to our own abilities and aims. We aim to become the highest quality Language school in North Wales by providing an active, targeted, supportive and effective language learning environment.

Following the Christian tradition of Lingualink's founders and ourselves, we aim to create a welcoming and all accepting atmosphere where people can find more than language learning. It is our desire to help people build their personal confidence and also learn they can overcome new challenges.

We also care about North Wales and Rhyl. We will use our abilities and resources to promote the area using social media and local interaction. Activities often focus on the history and natural resources of North Wales with excursions to nearby Cities in England.

Our Name

Rhyl - Where we are based. We feel a strong desire to promote this town and work towards promoting both Rhyl and the amazing and unique combination of natural and man made resources in the area.

e - Technology and the Internet. The letter e is closely associated with the internet and we are developing a means of making full use of the opportunities the World Wide Web provides.

Cool - We desire to provide students with a most wonderful and enriching experience of English language and North Wales that is possible in the time available.